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5 Wild Facts About How Taste Impacts The Brain

Ok- we are not about to tell you that if something is tasty, you are likely to eat it, because that’s really obvious.  But there are other things about taste that are both cool to know and reflect on, because taste is not what we once thought it to be.  Here are a few reasons why:

5 Foods to Prevent Breast Cancer

If you catch breast cancer early, you have a 90% chance of survival, so vigilance around breast health is key. But even better is prevention, because if you avoid the possible causes, you will be in much better shape. Here are five foods you should think of including in your diet...

Five Things That Physical Exercise Will Do For You Besides Weight Loss

It is now second nature for us to associate physical exercise with weight loss.  This is especially true when people monitor themselves and set goals.  However, aside from weight-loss, physical exercise can also help you in many other ways. Here are some of the ways summarized...

Five Nutrients in Your Brain That Are Running Low and Making You Crazy, and Foods That Can Help You Reinstate the Balance

When certain chemicals run low in the brain, it can destroy brain tissue or change it, making you more susceptible to feeling crazy. Here is a list of five of those.

Is Your Subconscious Mind Tripping You Up With Your Weight Loss Goals?  

Have you ever wondered why you try your best but still can’t seem to reach your goals despite your greatest determination?  Do you think at first that you are right on track, and then, before you even have a chance to think about it, your diet is a thing of the past? Recent...